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I know you’re alright - the adversities we face feel more like a math problem than a mess, and I like math problems.

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Was sorting out my receipts and bank invoices earlier on. After which, progressed to flipping through the Ikea catalogue. It then hit me that the responsibility for financial independence which I willingly took on since I stopped receiving pocket money from my parents for school is starting to build up, though I’m still 20 and living under my parents’ roof.

It’s terrible.

I’m not earning enough.
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Ballet class with The Slits, December 1980.
Photos by Anton Corbijn.

(From the top to the bottom: Ari Up, Viv Albertine, Tessa Pollit and Bruce Smith)


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Rat poison for the rat race to end.

Rat poison for the rat race to end.

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Photo by Madame D’Ora


Photo by Madame D’Ora

I regret the way I’ve utilised the free time I used to have. KEY WORD: Used I’ve got so many things I want to do and so many skills I want to pick up.

Yet I didn’t acknowledge what I had. Can I use the money I earn to buy time?

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I want to help the unfortunate. I want to extend my capabilities. I’m not very capable though.

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